1. DEMO REEL 2011

    This eloquent video is a highlight of all of my best work from the year 2011, I’d like to thank all of my clients and co-workers who helped make this possible.

    Cheers & Enjoy!


    I designed, planned, filmed and executed the editing portion to the Nike Training Club re-cap video. This event takes place at Nike World Headquarters on July 29th, 2011. A recap video of over 50 Nike Factory, Outlet & Employee Store employee’s from around the North West Region; to take place in Ekin University’s 1st Nike Training Club. Highlighting the New Nike Features within the woman’s training line up, the new Nike Free XT Motion Fit Plus (+), Legend Pant and Victory Bra are the new better.

    Better Shoe
    Better Pant
    Better Bra
    Better Training
    Better Athlete

  3. This is a set of photographs on a newly remodeled bathroom to be issued in Alaskan Airlines Travel Magazine for a section on Portland, Oregon interior design. Working for Jason was a blast, he was easy going and willing to let me run with my creativity. With over 400 photos taken, we got a nice 20 different & diverse set of photographs. Would I work Jason again?

    Oh yes!


  4. I heart my Bourbon Brrrr, nothing makes me happirrrrr…
  5. Dinner..! Mixed Greens, Granny Smith Apples, Parmesan Cheese, Cherry Tomatoes, Raspberry Walnut Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing & my favorite…. Bacon!

    cha ching

  6. Nike Running has brought back the Waffles, only this time they’re eatable. Wanna try these delicious shoe soles? Get hungry & get these in Eugene Oregon during the Olympic Trials for 2012.
Well Done Mr. Bowerman, your keeping the tradition alive…GO DUCKS!!!

Better Design
Better Shoe
Better Waffle
Better Athlete
  7. "Tiger Bait!"
whats that I hear? A rematch? Second year in a row fighting for the National Title? I think so… this time where going to whoop some *#$ in their backyard.
  8. "when I root I root for the Timber’s..!"
  9. There has been a keystonalope sighted in Portland Oregon.
  10. mmmm burrrbrrrrcurrrr…!

  11. nothing better on a Saturday than a fire, a beer & my Oregon Ducks!
"O" or "vagina" which ever you prefer…
  12. it is inside this building where Nike continues to live, thrive, innovate & recreate. to take a piece of Nike’s history & continue to use it towards what they have tried to achieve since day one. this is the original Nike Winnebago that used to sell it’s products to customers in Eugene Oregon, oh so long ago..!

  13. affinity baby..!
  14. Who need’s a toy when I have a five foot tall painting of one? 
- McKenzie Sampson
  15. happy holidays to tumblr & friends
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