1. I heart my Bourbon Brrrr, nothing makes me happirrrrr…
  2. Dinner..! Mixed Greens, Granny Smith Apples, Parmesan Cheese, Cherry Tomatoes, Raspberry Walnut Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing & my favorite…. Bacon!

    cha ching

  3. Nike Running has brought back the Waffles, only this time they’re eatable. Wanna try these delicious shoe soles? Get hungry & get these in Eugene Oregon during the Olympic Trials for 2012.
Well Done Mr. Bowerman, your keeping the tradition alive…GO DUCKS!!!

Better Design
Better Shoe
Better Waffle
Better Athlete
  4. mmmm burrrbrrrrcurrrr…!

  5. $7.99 dinner…
mmmm Oregon Sockeye Salmon!
  6. dinner
  7. Canyon Grill in Portland, Oregon… check’m out
  8. and my girlfriend just made my jealous…
  9. boom! Theo’s breakfast waffles are the best and really get me in the mood for a Wednesday
  10. there’s only a few good things about the Superbowl, beer, friends, and this. bacon wrapped jalapeños poppers, dank!  this is after…
  11. girlfriend & I at Portland, Oregon’s Noble Rot for valentines day!
  12. #food art w/ @sandwich!  (Taken with Instagram)
  13. "it may be 8:23am but #Bacon wrapped #Jalapeños poppers sound #amazing!" #food #inspiration    (Taken with Instagram at Top Secret )
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