1. I heart my Bourbon Brrrr, nothing makes me happirrrrr…
  2. There has been a keystonalope sighted in Portland Oregon.
  3. nothing better on a Saturday than a fire, a beer & my Oregon Ducks!
"O" or "vagina" which ever you prefer…
  4. happy holidays to tumblr & friends
  5. A second keystonealope has been found in Portland Oregon, better get your drink on youngins..
  6. Missing the Islands…!

  7. the Voodoo is officially a classic. this great beer went down swell, along with the real bacon maple bar; two thumbs up Rogue…!
  8. beer of the night goes to Rogue. 
cheers brew masters!
  9. "I feel sorry for people who don’t drink. Because when they wake up in the morning, that’s as good as their going to feel all day."

    Frank Sinatra
  10. this be my noon birthday beer, cheers y’all.
  11. Pelican Brewery…!
  12. nothing better, Ninkasi and Timbers
  13. widmer & timbers… chea !
  14. Thats right, Steel cans! for those of you who do not know, this will be your next summer beverage of choice. A smooth Musky Ale with a bitter bite and calm finish Churchkey Can Co beer is sure to win your hearts over this year. just Thank Justin Hawkins & Adrian Grenier, cheers to you two!
  15. gameday! thanks for the help @Widmer_Brothers #oregon #goducks #beer #tailgate  (Taken with Instagram)
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